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Non-conformist Churches / Chapels: Registers

If any member attends one of the Saddleworth Non-conformist Churches/Chapels, could they enquire on the location of current baptism and marriage registers/records. Also, where applicable the funeral or burial records. I am currently updating the information for placing in a Bulletin during 2013, and it would be useful to have up to date details for the members. Details can be placed on this site. Thanks Ivan F

Saddleworth Families DNA Project

Saddleworth DNA Project: Old surnames                                                                    WIP 12/9/2012

List of common names ie not all names on indicated sources.

1379 Poll Tax Return, 1545 Lay Subsidy & 1642 Protestation Return.
Figures refer to numbers in Saddleworth on the 1881 census followed by the Banwell ratio 1  

del Schag, Shaw >700 17

Hawkyard Hawred Hauckyeard 31 140

del Sykes, Sykes        >180 15

Wryglegh Wrigley (Rigley)  >400 129*

del Platte, Platt >200 36

Brierley de Brerlay >200 46

de Lees Lees >1600 37

Buckley >800 61*

Taylor >280 2

Schofield / Scholefield >700 51*

Knight 6 0.2

Whitehead >390 24

Gartside. / Garside >300 / 70 306*/19

Radcliffe. / Ratcliffe >140 48

Kenworthy (Kennerley) >250 152*

Harrop 17 6

Winterbottom >190 82*

Bradbury >400 64*

Broadbent >300 57

Heawood / Heywood nil / 38 7

Mallalieu (Mellodrew?)  54 276*

Kershaw >200 54

Lawton >200 33*

Vinthwit (Linthwaite) nil

Tweedale 9 13

Mayall 69 88*

Saville / Seville 48/ 6 118*

Wood >500 7*

Whewall / Wheawall nil

* highest in E&W

Banwell ratio: crude totals of surnames per parish (poor law union) do not give helpful information.
Parishes are of varying sizes & some surnames, like Taylor, are very common & will predominate in
 most areas. The ratio shows how common a name is in an area compared to how common it is

Notice eg that Wood is a common name, (although mainly in the North) and is common in
Saddleworth. But it is disproportionately common in Saddleworth which has the highest relative
 concentration in the country.

1 Archer Surname Atlas

Photo Saddleworth Military Hospital WWI

Nurses (VADS) at the hospital at Ashway Gap. SMA M/P/K/36©

Can anyone provide any names?

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Dobcross photo

Group of men probably outside Hark to Nudger Dobcross. SMA M/P/DX/S1©

Can anyone provide any information?

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Saddleworth Families DNA Project FORM

Saddleworth Families DNA Project

Arising out of the Day School the Society has decided to carry out a study using DNA data. Men have a genetic DNA profile inherited from their father, who in turn has inherited from his father and so on back through the generations with relatively few changes. Thus a son (and his brothers) inheriting the family name is also inheriting the father’s DNA profile.

Using the information in the DNA profile can help to solve problems in building a family tree. It may also be possible to investigate the origins of families such as the Mallalieus, whether families such as the Wrigleys or Hawkyards actually originate in Saddleworth or whether families such as Broadbent or Wood, whose surnames arise from landscape features are, in fact, one family.

It may also be possible to investigate even earlier origins. Although DNA profiles are specific to families they are, at the same time, members of groups and these groups are less or more common in different parts of Europe. Using this approach it has been possible to show that parts of Britain were settled by Vikings.

These are examples. Other studies are possible and we would welcome ideas.

The society has obtained some funding under the LEADER project which will contribute to the cost of DNA sampling.

At this stage we are looking for members who are interested in taking part in the project either men with a Saddleworth name or who can volunteer a male relative to undertake a DNA test (This, it should be emphasised, only has a family history application and is confidential).

If you have not yet started researching your family the Society should be able to help, provided a known male ancestor can be identified before 1911.

[Members without a local surname may, through the Society, be able to take the DNA test at a discounted rate.]

I am interested in taking part in the Saddleworth DNA project

Name..................................................................... email.............................................

Oldest known ancestor.....................................................................................................

Please return to Neil Barrow (who can also provide further information)

Carr Farm Cottage, Diggle, Saddleworth OL3 5ND

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Archives: Saddleworth FF burial Society

Saddleworth Museum Archives: M/GX/SF


ASHWORTH Hannah Dixon 06-02-1878 Load Hill

BAMFORTH Ernest 14-01-1882 Bowk, Marsden

BATEMAN Arthur 26-01-1887 New Earth, Mossley

BAXTER Ann 04-1882 Dysons Yd Brookbottom, MLY

BOOTH Albert Dalton 01-03-1878

BOOTH Annie 07-05-1887 Stalybridge

BOOTH Mitchell 27-03-1887

BOTTOMLEY Frances 16-10-1882

BOTTOMLEY Nanny 10-02-1887

BRADBURY Abel 21-06-1887

BRADBURY Edith Mary 21-11-1882 Woolroad DBX

BRADBURY Edwin 15-10-1887 DGL

BRADBURY Esther 27-11-1882

BRADBURY Esther Ann 27-04-1887 UPM

BRADBURY Gordon 08-09-1887 UPM

BRADBURY Joseph 28-06-1887 UPM

BRADBURY Mary Ann 07-04-1887 Brownhill Cottages

BRADBURY Mary Emma 02-05-1887

BROADBENT Esther Maria 10-05-1887

BROADBENT Mary Hannah 21-01-1887 Workhouse Hosp Tranmere, Birkenhead

BROADBENT Sarah 30-03-1878 UPM

BROADBENT William 01-04-1878

BROMLEY Anne 08-05-1887 DBX

BUCKLEY Benjamin 09-03-1878 UPM

BUCKLEY Mary Ellen 08-02-1882 Road End, GFD

BUCKLEY William Byrom 22-04-1887 Marslands, DBX

BUTTERWORTH Mary 07-03-1878

BYROM Clara Alice 09-01-1887 Harrop Green, DGL

CARTWRIGHT Sarah 04-12-1877 Lee St, UPM

COLLIS Mary Ann 26-02-1878 Frenches, GFD

CUDWORTH Ann Smith 19-02-1878 Mossley

CULLEN Mary Ann 06-10-1889 Oldham

DYSON Elizabeth 26-08-1887 Golcar

ESKEY Thomas 02-12-1887 Stamford St Crossbank

FALLAS Joseph 14-01-1887 Marsden

FIELDING John 20-01-1882 Micklehurst

GARSIDE Hannah 10-06-1887

GARSIDE Miranda 20-07-1887 Holme Bank

GARTSIDE Annie Gertrude 29-11-1887 Railway View, DPH

GARTSIDE Mary Alice 13-04-1882

GOUGH Elizabeth 06-05-1882

GREAVES Thomas 17-08-1887 Uppermill

HALL Gilbert 07-02-1882 Ladhill, GFD

HALL James 24-02-1878 Frenches, GFD

HALL John 23-09-1887

HALL Matilda 04-05-1887 Frenches, GFD

HALL William 11-08-1887 Grasscroft

HARBURN Thomas Watson 09-08-1887 Marsden

HAWKYARD Sarah 07-05-1887 Tunstead, GFD

HILL Ernest 03-07-1887 Lock House, Marsden

HINCHLIFFE Ben Brierly 21-04-1887 Uppermill

HIRST Elizabeth 19-02-1887 Workhouse

HIRST John Taylor 16-02-1887 Road End, GFD

HIRST Mary 21-03-1887

HIRST Mary Alice 02-04-1878

HOLDEN Marion 04-02-1887 Roaches, MLY

HOPKINSON Myra Flor/ce Maud 28-03-1887

HOWARD William Albert 17-10-1887 Uppermill

HOWARTH Hannah 28-11-1887 Milnrow

HUNT Gillan 17-11-1887 Mossley

HUNT William 17-11-1887 Mossley

KENWORTHY Arthur 18-01-1878 Mowhalls, DBX

KENWORTHY Jane 25-08-1882 Birkby Fever Hospital Huddersfield

KENWORTHY Mary 12-01-1887 Church Road, UPM

LAWTON Mary 26-10-1887 Dobcross

LAWTON Sarah Jane 23-02-1887 Dobcross

LEES John Robert 30-11-1887 59 Spring Street

LEIGH John Edward 12-05-1882 Princess Street, Lees

LOCKWOOD Hannah 01-02-1878

MOORE Maria Beatrice 09-04-1877

NEWTON Martha Holland 19-12-1887

PARKIN Charles Gilead 31-10-1887

PILLING Frederick 29-04-1887 Quick View

PLATT Betty 19-02-1887 Weakey, DGL

RADCLIFFE Sarah 15-05-1882 Boarshurst GFD

RHODES Gertrude 13-11-1887 Burn Bank Cottages

RHODES Marian 11-03-1878 Diglee DGL

RHODES Thomas Albert 03-07-1887

RHODES Wright 13-10-1887 UPM

RILEY Betty Ann 14-03-1878 Baguley Hall

SAVILLE Frank 14-07-1887 Austonley

SCHOFIELD Amelia 13-06-1882 Holehouse

SCHOFIELD James 07-09-1887

SCHOFIELD James 13-04-1887 Greenfield

SCHOFIELD James 14-04-1882 Hey Top, GFD

SCHOFIELD John Thomas 26-08-1887

SCHOFIELD John Wood 15-04-1887 Dobcross

SCHOFIELD Mary Ann 20-07-1887 Dobcross

SEELEY James William 01-02-1878 Den Lane, UPM

SENIOR George 26-09-1887 Springhead

SHACKLETON Mary Jane 04-05-1887 Bleakhey Nook

SHAW Alice 05-01-1887 Uppermill

SHAW John 14-06-1882 Frenches, GFD

SMITH George 13-08-1887 Stamford Street, MLY

SMITH Mary 26-03-1887 Wyre Street, MLY

STOCK Eliza 22-01-1878 Heyrod, Hartshead

THORNTON Lilla 17-11-1887 Oldham

Archives: Name list Uppermill Wesleyan c1920


This list it for the building of the present Chapel in Uppermill Square 1913